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Party Time says goodbye to Rep. Eric Cantor

Today is Rep. Eric Cantor’s last day as the House Majority Leader, and to celebrate/commemorate it, we decided to look back on the Virginia Republican’s prolific partying ways.

Over here at Party Time, we think it’s a pretty good snapshot of some of Cantor’s more spirited moments in office, when he showed glimpses of real creativity (Festivus for the Rest of Us, anyone?). But for those wanting an ACTUAL HIGHLIGHT REEL, there’s one of those, too. Apparently, some House GOPers showed the video during a weekly meeting Tuesday on Capitol Hill.

Adieu, good sir. May you never lose your prowess on the political partying trail.

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Lobbyists blow through former "max out" limit

Guess who’s living it up in the post-McCutcheon world? 

Despite their initial hand-wringing over the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down the aggregate campaign cash limit, some wealthy donors on K Street seem to be adjusting quite well to a political world where, when it comes to doling out campaign dollars, the sky is the limit. 

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Mock fundraiser invite: “A Feast in Time of Plague”

Over here at Party Time, we love a good invitation. But we only work with official ones – you know, the ones with copious amounts of clip art. So, you can imagine our delight when we came across this gem from President Barack Obama’s recent West Coast fundraising swing.

Apparently some sassy and sarcastic California folks put up posters and mailed this faux invite to denizens of the Los Altos neighborhood where the actual Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee party took place. Come to think of it, we’re surprised this is the first one of these we’ve come across.

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Gov. Chris Christie mines ca$h in the Granite State; Peters capitalizes on polling

Here at PT HQ, we can’t believe we’re already wrapping up July and looking toward August. But even with Congress staring down summer break, the fundraising is still in full swing here in D.C. Meanwhile, wannabe-congressfolk are out pulling double duty, shaking hands and the money tree, as they work vacation-ready donors. Here’s a glimpse at this week’s fundraising calendar:

*  Thursday evening: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie – consistently on a list of possible GOP 2016ers, and a frequent party animal – hits the road for a shindig for the Republican Party of New Hampshire. 

Arizona Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., is slated to headline a fundraiser for Walt Havenstein at the Army Navy Country Club in Arlington on July 30.

Rep. Gary Peters, D-Mich., is running for Senate in his home state. This week, Peters will throw a luncheon at popular party post Johnny’s Half Shell. Tickets to Wednesday’s fundraiser start at $500 and go up to $5,000.

Bargain hunters rejoice: For a cool $1,000, you can break bread with three Democratic senators — two of whom just happen to be running for reelection this year — and one former Democratic senator. On Saturday, Minnesota Sen. Al Franken(“Saturday Night Live” royalty) and New Mexico Sen. Tom Udall (political dynasty royalty) will lunch with former New Mexico Sen. Jeff Bingaman and his successor, Sen. Martin Heinrich, D-N.M., in Albuquerque. It’s a four-for-one deal, folks!

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Courting donors in the dark: Mapping Obama’s closed door fundraisers

From the Sunlight Foundation blog: 

Although President Barack Obama’s administration touts its support of an open and transparent government, there’s been a glaring exception: opening up political fundraisers to the pool of White House reporters who trail the president. So far, in 2014, President Obama has headlined 41 political fundraisers, according to data from Party Time. Of those parties, the press has been shut out of almost half – 19, to be exact.

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Signs of donor fatigue at Obama's Bay Area fundraisers

As we look back on a week full of West Coast fundraisers with President Barack Obama, Party Time found this article about possible donor fatigue in the San Francisco area particularly interesting. Is the ATM drying up?

Curious about all of Obama’s stops? Party Time’s calendar and weekly roundup have you covered!

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Is this an invite to a Congressional fundraiser or a child’s birthday party?
(Via Sunlight Foundation)


Is this an invite to a Congressional fundraiser or a child’s birthday party?

(Via Sunlight Foundation)

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Invite o’ the Day: Sen. Tim Kaine’s Smoked ‘n’ Oaked

Who doesn’t love a little beer, bourbon and BBQ? And especially on a sunny Tuesday afternoon!

Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va., is using some of his state’s best exports to get donors excited about writing him a check. Smart move!

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"True Blood" and a political fundraiser? Yep.

Paging connoisseurs of politics and pop culture! Political Party Time heard through the grapevine (as in, from our cooler co-workers) that Sunday’s episode of “True Blood” featured a scene at a political fundraiser.

Turns out, a critical scene featured Eric and Pam at a fundraiser for Sen. Ted Cruz at the George W. Bush Presidential Library (and led to a Twitter storm featuring a decidedly not-PG-rated twist on the word “Republican”). We thought this sounded like a too-crazy plot twist, until someone remarked that a political fundraiser seems like a perfectly logical place for vampires to hang out. Well said.

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Beer, bourbon, ice cream … it’s Party Time’s weekly roundup!

Ready them checkbooks, friends! Today kicks off a crazy-packed week of political fundraising on our social calendar. But, lucky for you, we’ve drilled down to the highlights in this week’s roundup: Get excited, because we’ve got Mr. and Mrs. Obama, beer, bourbon, ice cream, and the Grateful Dead.

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